A unique housing concept in Latvia

What is it?

A two-story home that easily converts into 2 separate functional homes

Before and after

See below how the layout of the house changes from the basic version to the UPLEVEL 2in1 version by installing additional internal doors, each floor of the house can be used for the needs of a separate family

How it works?

We created the most effective interior layout, which allows you to transform one house for the comfortable use of two families in a short time with minimal investments.

Is your life situation changing – under the influence of family, financial or other factors?

Choose the rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor that you will live in yourself, and the remaining ones – rent out or invite friends or close relatives to live, thus smartly sharing housing expenses!

Simple and inexpensive – all you have to do is install the internal door unit, which will cost one month’s rent.

With UPLEVEL 2in1 – You are ready for any changes, even unplanned ones.



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Financial security.
Unforeseen situations are
opportunity to earn extra
income from housing,
renting out part of it.

Flexible housing.
When the life situation changes, easy
housing re-planning solves
the need for two independent living

Long-term attractiveness of housing.
High housing liquidity with UPLEVEL 2in1
concept – more attractive not only for own use,
but also for housing investments
in the rental market.

Calculation example

Rent of a 3-room apartment in a new project
Purvciems, 2022.
850 EUR / mon.
Loan payment
924.05 EUR / mon.*
Yield (gross) from renting out the whole
apartment (1+2nd floor)
8.6 % p.a.**

Profit (gross) from renting out the entire house (1+2nd floor),
with credit - against own investment capital

33.8% p.a.***

* - down payment 10%, loan amount EUR 207,000, repayment term 30 years, loan interest rate 2% per year

** - the yield is calculated before the payment of taxes, assuming that the purchase was made without a loan and all expenses (VAT, insurance, management) are covered by the tenant

*** - calculation made for a period of 5 years, investing 30% of the purchase amount, loan amount 161,000 EUR, repayment term 20 years, loan interest rate 4% per year, monthly payment 976 EUR

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