Terms of reservation

Housing online reservation terms

Wiser Home, SIA, reg. No. 40203316121, (hereinafter – Developer) offers an opportunity to the visitors (hereinafter – Users) of the websites www.uplevel.lv and www.uplevelhome.lv (hereinafter both together – Websites) to book housing units online (hereinafter – Reservation).

By “Reservation” during the use of the Website is understood the change of the status of the selected housing from “Available” to “Reserved” after the data is entered by the User and the selection is made of relevant offered parameters.

Users can set the time period in days, for how long the status of the selected housing is changed from “Available” to “Reserved”. The maximum reservation period is 3 days.

Reservation, in the sense of these regulations, means the time allocated to the User and the Developer, when both parties can agree on the terms of the housing unit purchase transaction and, accordingly, close the agreement in the form of a contract or reservation agreement.

Users within the meaning of these terms may be natural or legal persons.

Housing status changes from “Available” to “Reserved” can be reflected on the Website within 72 hours after making the Reservation.

The Developer has the right to cancel the User’s reservation without separate notice.

Making a reservation online does not create any legal or financial obligations for either party. Any relationships between the parties are determined only by the signing of contracts, agreements and other legally formalized documents.

The Developer ensures that any data entered by Users is processed in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Policy established by the Developer.

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