Safety and sustainability - the basics of construction

We use modern solutions so that homes last a long time and are safe for their residents

Frame construction


Monolithic reinforced concrete tape foundation

External walls

Bauroc HARD 5mPa high strength aerated concrete blocks, 150 mm thermal insulation and ventilated facade system

Indoor walls

W112 Knauf metal frame partition with additional sound insulation and double cladding layer


Monolithic reinforced concrete 200 mm construction with 20 mm reinforcement and an additional sound-absorbing layer


Flat roof construction from monolithic reinforced concrete cover 200 mm with upper insulation layer 100 + 100 mm, double waterproofing and built-in sewage collection system


Energy-efficient PVC construction windows with increased thermal insulation

External doors

Exterior doors of aluminum structures with integrated smart access


Paved driveway and car parking spaces, equipped activity and recreation area, closed gate with smart access system for controlled entry of cars and pedestrians.

Engineering networks


A separate autonomous air-to-water heat pump for each home, which provides water heating both for underfloor heating and for daily needs


An air supply and extraction system with heat recovery equipment has been built

Water supply and sewerage

A connection to SIA "Rīgas ūdens"

Electricity supply

AS "Sadales tīkls" connection with 25A (3F) power for each house


Installation of low-current networks with a separate connection for each home, optical Internet cable network connection


Video surveillance camera system with access to residents of the house, access controlled by smart devices to enter the territory and into your home

Convenience and modern energy use

Comfortable house

Smart access control system, electric car charging sockets, modern monitoring of room comfort


A Home Owners Association that chooses a professional management service provider

Green energy house

A+ almost zero energy house

Electric car charging station

Each resident has a private connection for charging electric cars, as well as a shared charging station for nature-friendly cars

Solar collector installation options

The roof terrace is also a place for placing solar panels with the necessary connection

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